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At BBC Website Design we have seasoned web design professionals who make up the best web development team in Ohio. With our expertise, we will create a website for you that will complement your company’s current branding, or we can work with our design team to develop a look that will be instantly recognizable to your customers.

Professional Website Design

People ask our Canton web design team 'Why is our website worth investing in?' Every day more people are going online to find companies and products that fit their needs. Those customers are ready to make a purchase, but when faced withoutdated, slow, or unimpressive looking sites these buyers will click on to the next site.

Don’t let your web presence drive your customers away. You want to make your physical location presentable to your clients. Therefore, shouldn’t you make your online setting appealing as well? In fact, since your website can hold many more times the amount of people than your business can, shouldn’t this be a major priority for you?

Our staffs of experienced website design professionals are capable of handling anything from changing a word on your page to a complete redesign. Call today 1.330.617.1717 and speak with a professional website specialist about your needs. Can you afford to wait another day with the website that you have now?

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Top Issues that Our Professional Web Designers Solve


1. Old and Outdated Websites:
Your customers search the Web for information that will help them solve their problems. Sites that have outdated or incorrect information only cause frustration for yourself and your clients. Once people think that your site outdated, your traffic will plummet.

On the other hand, providing your customers with the latest updated content will prove that you are an expert in the field and draw patrons to your business. Let BBC provide you with a current site that will have an interactive and uniform design. As site such as this will make your visitors comfortable and keep them coming back to you.

2. Branding Inconsistency:

Your brand should be recognizable to your clientele. When a website changes too often because a company has had several different designers work on the project, you are left with an undefined look and feel.

Your business needs people on your site to pay attention to the information and products being communicated, not the clashing design features on the site. BBC will create a website for your business that will have a consistent function and feel for the user. How can a client place trust you if you can’t deliver a consistent brand anyway?

3. Usability Issues:

A good web design will allow users of varying technical abilities to find the information they want on your site. If your site is too difficult to navigate then your business will suffer. We create sites where all of your customers can easily find who you are and what you sell or provide.

4. Accessibility Issues:

It’s true that broadband Internet access is becoming more common in homes around the world. However, perhaps not all of your customers have high-speed Internet. Don’t leave any of your clients behind by creating web pages that take too long to load. BBC will create a site that is appealing, yet accessible to users who have a wide range of connection speeds.

5. Incompatible Look and Feel

Depending on the coding of a website, it may appear different in various web browsers. Our designers use the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium and test their designs to ensure that your web presence appears legitimate and consistent across all web browsers. Use BBC web designers, and we will create a professional, dependable appearance for your business.

6. Obstacles to Accessibility

If you have a physical location for your business, it is probably accessible to individuals with physical impairments. Is your website? Don’t exclude potential customers because a designer ignored this aspect of your site. We can increase the outreach and success of your site by making it “accessible” to all who can benefit from your company.

7. Loud, Confusing, and Frustrating Pages

Have you ever walked into a store and the music was so loud that you walked out before purchasing anything? Don’t do this to your clients. Loud music that blares at the opening of a page is a turn off to many Internet searchers. Remember you want them concentrating on who you are and what you offer rather than what your favorite song is at the moment. If you still feel music is essential to your webpage, then provide tools so that someone may turn it off and control the volume.

Splash pages are also annoying to many Internet users. These are initial pages that a browser lands on prior to reaching their desired site. Many times the pages have animations and graphics that do little more than waste peoples’ time. Avoid pushing your customers away with such pages, and let our designers tastefully incorporate animations and graphics to your site in a way that enhances your users’ experiences.

Do you enjoy perpetual construction on the highway? No. Well, then websites that are incomplete or under construction for long periods of time must be just as frustrating. A site can avoid the look of incompleteness by simply not posting sections that aren’t ready to go live. Also, just as you wouldn’t throw litter at the side of the road, don’t litter the Internet with broken links. Again, give your customers the information they desire efficiently, and they will come back to you again and again.

8. Not Keeping up with the Times

Bell-bottom jeans and hairspray all had their moment in time, but today they look outdated. Some websites are designed based on fads just like we see fads in popular culture. The problem is that some of these fads are good, while others are not. Unless your site needs to stay trendy because of your business model, try to select a design that will last for at least one year without looking old.

9. Websites that Do Not Sell

A well-crafted website is a chance for you to show your expertise and to sell your goods and services. Consequently, you have to drive traffic to your website so that it can work for you. First off, always have your website address printed on all materials about your business such as: pamphlets, flyers, business cards, etc. Mention your website on your voice mail and during conversations with your customers.

Another best practice for driving traffic to your site is to have people sign up for your email list to receive special offers. Then, you send them emails with informative articles or special offers that direct them to your website. This works wonders in promoting your website.

10. Copycat Sites

When a designer is asked to create a site that looks identical to another, they are really being asked to commit copyright infringement. This could place a business in a serious position that will cause undue stress. When paying a designer good money, allow that person or team to bring you unique, creative designs that will fit your company. Allow your business to stand out, and people will want to be like you.

Now that you understand the top ten mistakes to avoid when designing a website, you will know what to look for during the process. Let us steer you away from these pitfalls. Call 1-330-617-1717 to speak with your professional web designer.